Participants in a voluntary separation program filed suit for breach of fiduciary duty under ERISA seeking additional benefits after learning that greater benefits were provided to individuals who did not participate in the program but were later part of an involuntary reduction-in-force.  The Third Circuit concluded that the program was not an ERISA plan because there was no ongoing administration.  More specifically, the Court determined that the program was only available for approximately two months and only required the employer to make an initial, discretionary determination of applicants’ eligibility for the program, calculate certain one-time payments, and, in some cases, determine whether the applicant was eligible to work part-time for a defined period or subsequently be re-hired.  As such, the Court affirmed the lower court’s ruling dismissing the case.  The case is Girardot v. The Chemours Company, No. 17-1894, 2018 WL 2017914 (3rd Cir. Apr. 30, 2018).